Modern Music Department

The Modern Music Department provides both collective and one-to-one instrumental classes; 30’, 45’, 60’, 75’ or 90’ lessons, according to the student’s need and the teacher’s opinion, are held weekly. The courses are organised in two different curriculums:

Professional Curriculum

This curriculum is organised in four levels, to prepare the students to become professionals in their music field, even through complementary courses and an year-long ensemble practice. The best students will have the possibility to perform in the many concerts tthat the school organises in local theatres and clubs.

Free Curriculum

The curriculum is specifically developed according to the student’s needs and the teacher’s opinion.

Available courses:

Country guitar, Drums, Electric bass, Electric Guitar, Ethnic percussions, Folk guitar, Keyboards and Synths, Modern Singing, Piano.


SICAVocal techniques for modern singingVocal training, breathing and voice emission techniques for pop, rock and jazz singersDetails (italian only)
SICEElectric and Folk guitarPosture, breathing, features of the instrument, sound, phrasing, musicality, vibrato, interpretationDetails (italian only)
SIBLElectric BassBody and hand correct posture, breathing, fingering, different techniques for score or tab fast reading, sound, phrasing, musicality, vibrato, interpretationDetails (italian only)
SIBPPercussionsEthnic percussion classes for drummers and singersDetails (italian only)
SITSKeyboards and SynthsThe different uses of keyboards and synthsDetails (italian only)
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