Jazz Department

The course is divided in three parts – Junior, Middle and Senior – and its length depends on the instrument.

According to the last Italian Conservatory reform, which introduces academic ordinary courses in jazz piano, jazz guitar, jazz singing, electric bass, jazz contrabass and jazz drums, our Junior and Middle courses aim to prepare the students to the entrance examinations for the Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz (Laurea Triennale di I Livello).

Senior courses, instead, aim to develop the students’ performance skills to a very high level, corresponding to a Bachelor’s Degree Final Exam (Diploma, Diploma Accademico or Laurea), and to prepare them for the Master Degree entrance examination (Biennio Specialistico di Secondo Livello). Also, Senior students will attend Ensemble Music, Theory and Applied Harmony courses.

The Jazz classes are meant for beginners and advances students, as well as for musicians from other fields who want to approach jazz and modern music. Playing music together is considered one of the most important activities in the Jazz and Modern departments, as well as playing live concerts, jam sessions, and attending master classes with international artists.

In every study program the students, from 14 years of age to adults, will be able to acquire the fundamentals of music theory, before moving on to complex topics. The course is structured in one-to-one instrumental tuitions and theory classes.

Every student will attend Theory and Applied Harmony classes, which include the following subjects:



SICJElectric Jazz GuitarJazz Guitar TutoringDetails (italian only)
SCCJClassic Guitar in the Jazz StyleClassic Guitar in the Jazz Style – TutoringDetails (italian only)
MIJAJazz Ensemble and performanceGroup classes for ensembles, Harmony fundamentalsDetails (italian only)
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