Music Therapy Department

The Music Therapy project was launched thanks to the cooperation between professionals in different fields: Prof. Giulia Cremaschi Trovesi, pianist, teacher and school supervisor; Nadia Olivo, musician, teacher, director of CEDiM Music School of Gonars; Dr. Silvana Cremaschi, neuropsychiatrist, in charge for the Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry Services in Udine; Dr. Flavio D’Osualdo, phisiatrist in charge for Rehabilitation for Pediatric Pathologies at Gervasutta Hospital of Udine; Dr. Rosalia Morsanuto, psychologist in charge for EMT of Latisana; Dr. Emma Simonin, psychologist in charge for EMT of Cervignano; Dr. Marino Del Frate, major of Gonars; Nensi Coseani for “Progetto Autismo”; Cristina Schiratti for ANFFAS Udine; Marinella Malisan.

CEDiM School of Music – Centre for Music Education and Promotion – of Gonars, non-profit Culture and Music Association for social promotion provides organisational support and music competence for free. All fees are only intended as payment to the music therapists.

With permission of the family, the music school, the EMTs of Cervignano and Latisana, the Neuropsychiatry Service and the Pediatric Rehabilitation Service of Gervasutta Hospital will continuously cooperate with regard to each specific case.

According to the outcomes of the Humanistic Music Therapy Convention, held in 2010 in Gonars and supported by Azienda Sanitaria n.4 “Medio Friuli” and n.5 “Bassa Friuliana”, FIM – Italian Music Therapist Federation, District of Gonars, Province of Udine and Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, CEDiM is providing the opportunity for children with disabilities or behaviour disorders to play music out of the hospital.

On the 28th May 2010, during the convention, CEDiM Music School and its staff received an official accreditation by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in the presence of teachers, parents, musicians and health-workers.

The need for an integration of the traditional music curriculum and the possibility to use music as vehicle for many other abilities and skills in language, attention, focusing, logic, lateralization and coordination, has led us to a deep research to find a solution: since FIM has a lot in common with the Willems Teaching System and its music curriculum, we have decided to set to work together to offer this service to all the children and families in need of support.


MUT1Music Therapy 1Music activity that aims to the empowerment of the residual abilities of the child, with an active cooperation of the parentsDetails (italian only)
MUT2Music Therapy 2Music-based activity that aims to the rehabilitation and empowerment of the abilities of the child in need of support. The activity is led by two therapists: the therapist and the co-therapist on the piano, in the presence of a parent or a relativeDetails (italian only)
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